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A Comprehensive Checklist for Adapting to Google and Yahoo’s Enhanced Bulk Email Guidelines

With the imminent enforcement of new bulk email-sending guidelines by Google and Yahoo from February 1st, 2024, email senders need to prepare and adapt to these changes. Here’s a detailed checklist of tasks and measures for Adapting to Google and Yahoo’s Enhanced Bulk Email.

  1. DMARC Authentication Setup:
    • Generate and add a DMARC record to the DNS records for your sending domain.
    • Verify that the DMARC record is in place before the February 1st deadline.
  2. Spam Rate Compliance:
    • Maintain your spam complaint rate below 0.3%.
    • Utilize Google Postmaster Tools to monitor and manage deliverability insights tied to your domain.
  3. Valid DNS Records for IPs:
    • Ensure that all sending domains or IPs have valid forward and reverse DNS records (PTR records).
    • Validate and update DNS records to align with industry standards.
  4. SPF and DKIM Authentication:
    • Set up SPF and DKIM authentication records for all sending domains.
    • Confirm that these authentication protocols are in place to enhance email security.
  5. RFC 5322 Email Configuration:
    • Adhere to the Internet Message Format standard for all bulk emails.
    • Review and adjust email configurations to meet standardized formats.
  6. Avoid Impersonation:
    • Refrain from using as a sending domain in your broadcasts.
    • Stick to your own domain name to maintain authenticity and prevent potential issues.
  7. ARC Headers Implementation:
    • Include ARC headers in your outgoing emails, especially when using list-serv addresses.
    • Ensure ARC headers are correctly set up to support accurate routing of original emails.
  8. Enable One-Click Unsubscribe:
    • Confirm that all emails include a one-click unsubscribe (list-unsubscribe) option.
    • Validate the functionality of the unsubscribe feature to enhance user experience.

By diligently addressing each item on this checklist, email senders can proactively adapt to the forthcoming changes in bulk email guidelines. This comprehensive approach ensures compliance with the new standards set by Google and Yahoo, fostering a secure and reliable email communication environment.

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Bikash Moktan

Bikash Moktan

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