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Case Study:Resolving Theme and Filtering Issues: A WordPress Case Study


In this case study, we will explore how SodacityWebDesign successfully resolved theme and filtering issues for a client’s WordPress website. The client approached SodacityWebDesign with concerns about the display of categories and the correct ordering of content blocks on their pages. Through a collaborative screen share session and a meticulous approach, SodacityWebDesign was able to address these issues and provide the client with a seamless and optimized website.

The Challenge: Theme and Filtering Issues

The client reported encountering issues with their website theme, specifically related to the display of categories and the correct ordering of content blocks on specific pages. The filters applied to these blocks were not functioning as intended, leading to a misrepresentation of content on the website. Recognizing the importance of resolving these issues promptly, the client sought expert assistance from SodacityWebDesign.

SodacityWebDesign’s Approach

Initial Assessment

SodacityWebDesign initiated the process by thoroughly examining the client’s website. This involved analyzing the existing theme settings, inspecting the code, and identifying the specific issues affecting the display of categories and content order.

Collaborative Screen Share Session

To facilitate effective communication and understand the client’s concerns, SodacityWebDesign organized a collaborative screen share session. This allowed for real-time interaction, enabling the client to demonstrate the issues they were facing and providing our team with valuable insights.

Identification of Theme-Related Challenges

Through the screen share session, our experts identified that the issues were indeed related to the theme settings. The misalignment in category displays and content order stemmed from theme configurations that required adjustments for optimal functionality.

Customized Solutions within Theme Settings

Armed with a clear understanding of the challenges, SodacityWebDesign worked on providing customized solutions within the theme settings. This involved tweaking configurations, adjusting filters, and ensuring that the theme was optimized to accurately reflect the desired order and categories on the website.

Real-Time Testing

After implementing the adjustments, our team conducted real-time testing to validate the effectiveness of the changes. This step ensured that the client’s concerns were addressed comprehensively, and the website now displayed content in the correct order with accurately categorized blocks.

Post-Resolution Guidance

SodacityWebDesign didn’t stop at issue resolution. We provided the client with guidance on maintaining and updating theme settings, empowering them to handle similar challenges in the future independently.


Through collaborative efforts and a meticulous approach, SodacityWebDesign successfully addressed the theme and filtering issues faced by the client. The website now boasts a seamless display of categories, and content blocks appear in the correct order as intended. The collaborative screen share session not only facilitated effective communication but also empowered the client with insights into theme management.

This case study highlights SodacityWebDesign’s commitment to providing tailored solutions, working closely with clients to understand their unique challenges, and delivering results that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their websites.


If you’re facing similar concerns with your WordPress website, SodacityWebDesign is your trusted partner in navigating theme-related issues and ensuring a smooth online experience for your audience. Contact us today to discuss how we can help optimize your website and resolve any challenges you may be facing.

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