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“Turning numbers into narratives, You can transform website analytics into a symphony of insights. Where others see digits, You can see the untold stories of user behavior, the melody of engagement, and the rhythm of success. With a keen eye for patterns and a flair for interpretation, You can dance with data to orchestrate strategies that resonate. In the world of analytics, you are the maestro, conducting the symphony of success.”

TrendSpark Analytics

Innovative Solution for Web analytics

lightweight tracking, session replays, heatmaps, user journeys & more.

Trusted by innovative companies

Simple, good looking & friendly

Many web analytics tools tend to overwhelm users with extensive features, whereas often, all you really want is a quick glance to effortlessly grasp what's happening.

Session replays

Session replays provide a hassle-free method to quickly review a visitor's actions and journey throughout the site.

All the information you need, right at a glance.

The dashboard encompasses all the essential information for understanding and tracking the current and evolving state of your website traffic.


Discover where your users are clicking and identify the less-engaged areas, or "cold zones," on your website pages.

Gain insights into your website visitors.

Analyzing the behavior and recurring actions of your visitors is the most effective way to discern what is succeeding and where improvements can be made.

You own your data.

One compelling reason to choose this product over others is that all the tracked data is entirely owned by you and stored on your servers.

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"Empower Your Analytics Journey: Unmatched Data Ownership and Security"

When considering web analytics solutions, opting for this product stands out for a crucial reason: complete ownership and secure storage of all tracked data on your servers. Unlike other options, this ensures not only data control but also peace of mind, placing you in charge of your analytics without compromise.

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"Absolutely thrilled with this product! It has exceeded my expectations and revolutionized how I analyze website data. Seamless, user-friendly, and a game-changer for anyone seeking powerful web analytics. Highly recommend!"
Sofia Chang
Director @ trendmicro
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